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  • Philip Gonser
    General Manager
    (716) 210-1801

    Philip has been with West Herr since November 2004 and was one of the original team members of the Honda store when it opened in 2007.

    Favorite Movie: Star Wars
    Favorite Food:  Pizza
    Favorite Sports Team:  Buffalo Bills
    Favorite Thing to do:  Spend time with my family.

  • Michael Vazquez
    New Vehicle Sales Manager
    (716) 210-1805

  • Andrew Doyle
    Administrative Assistant
    (716) 625-4300

    Andrew is an active member of the Lockport community with the Volunteer Fire Department.

  • Doug Emmons
    Service Manager
    (716) 625-4300

    Doug has been with West Herr Service since 1993!  Call Doug and our service team to take care of your vehicles various needs.

  • Julian Bones
    Financial Services Manager
    (716) 625-4300

  • Erik Arden
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 625-4300

    Erik has been in the auto industry with Honda for over 34 years and has been a West Herr President's Club and Honda Gold Master Sales Consultant.  He is also one of the original team members of West Herr Honda.

    Favorite Movie: The Godfather (Part 1)
    Favorite Sports Team:  Buffalo Sabres
    Favorite Thing to do:  Golf


  • Heidi Gebler
    Outside Sales Consultant
    (716) 481-3899

    Heidi has been in the Auto Industry with Honda for 20 years and is another one of the original team members from when our Honda store opened in 2007.

    Favorite Movie: National Lampoons Vacation
    Favorite Food:  Anything Italian

  • Gerry Signore
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 625-4300

    Gerry has been in the Auto Industry for over 19 years and started at our store in 2008.

    Favorite Movie:
     The Godfather & One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next
    Favorite Food:  Steak
    Favorite Sports Team:  Boston Red Sox
    Favorite thing to do:  Golf

  • Michael Barsuch
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 352-5196

    He has been a team member since 2008.

  • Erik Brungard
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 625-4300

    Erik is a new father and is an experienced Honda salesperson.

  • James Yarger
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 625-4300

    James has been in the Auto business for 19 years.  He joined the West Herr Honda team in November 2008 and is now a West Herr President's Club Salesperson!


  • Martin Ford
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 907-2602

  • Bob Michael
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 625-4300

    Bob has been in the Auto Industry since 1998 and has exceptional customer service.  He has been at our Honda store since October 2008.

    Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day
    Favorite Food:  Pasta
    Favorite Sports Team:  Buffalo Bills
    Favorite Thing to do:  Golf

  • Norman Daniels
    Sales Consultant
    (904) 451-3771

    Norman has been with Honda for over 12 years!

    Favorite Movie: Tombstone
    Favorite Food:  Lasagna
    Favorite Sports Team:  Buffalo Bills

  • Sara Orsolits
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 625-4300

  • Jim Regan
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 228-3045

    Jim prides himself on taking great care of his customers and is here to help you with all of your automotive needs!

  • Mark Milleville
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 417-2910

  • Ryan Oldfield
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 697-0504

  • Nick Fotia
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 4179614

  • Marie Tabaczynski
    Sales Consultant
    (716) 440-3974